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The devastation from hurricane Katrina in throughout the state of Louisiana is still being felt some 7 years after the hurricane hit land fall and broke records for destruction and mayhem. Lives were lost, property destroyed families uprooted through a massive evacuation. It seems hard to look for a silver lining in such a tragic and sudden event, it also seems like an effort to trivialize something monumental. Let be be clear this post is in no way an effort to ease anyone’s pain or down play the tremendous loss suffered from this natural disaster. This is an effort to answer both a child and adult question about the natural occurring phenom called hurricanes. Why?

Sometimes to understand and answer why we have to look at the what and how. What besides destruction does a hurricane bring?  Well it brings to the tropics a hospitable climate in which life can survive and thrive. The Earths delicate eco system is the only one we know of so far in the universe which will allow human life. To keep a balance hurricanes play an important part in this.  They are formed from warm ocean air rising from the water’s surface lower pressure air rises and swirls through the higher air pressure.

We now know why hurricanes happen and how they happen and a new question from billionaire, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Bill Gates,  has been brought to the table. If we could should we prevent hurricanes from happening?  It seems mr. Gates has a theory about cooling the warm water and preventing hurricanes. I am not sure if the technology will work, but one has to wonder if the eco system is employing hurricanes to keep the balance what will it resort to when the hurricanes are prevented?

Disaster strikes for various reasons, some disasters are avoidable others are not understanding a disaster can sometimes help with the fall out from it but the fact remains that more often than not loss and disaster are a major part of life. Why does disaster strike? Well it depends on what it is and when it happens.  My wish is not that we avoid all disasters because that would be avoiding life but in the midst of and through the disaster we find strength and courage.