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In 1980 while on the “Triumph” tour the king of pop, Michael Jackson donned a single white glove which would live on in pop music lore for what seems forever. There are many reasons swirling around as to why Mike wore the glove. Some say it was because of the skin disease, vitiligo showing up in his gloved hand while on tour. Later in his life the skin disease would creep to all parts of his body. Whatever the reason Mikes glove raised some eyebrows and made quite the impact. The glove along with red leather zippered jackets sold out of stores nationwide.

Over the last week I have noticed some other gloves on the hands on many people in public places. Bus stations, airports even the local school board employees. I am tempted to remind these individuals of the power of soap, however I refrain from this because, I have realized that what others see as neurosis is simply construed as good hygiene. 

Seeing the gloved hands got me to thinking about life though. After leaving my parents home and venturing out on my own into the wild I wanted to life a full rich life. As I got older I realized life could get messy and I wanted a clean and ordered life. Now that I am yet a “little” older, I am beginning to realize that there is no such thing as clean and sanitized. We can wear all the gloves we want and try to control everything but we will realize this control is nothing more than a facade.  The good thing is that despite how messy and dirty life gets we will always have soap.

This is a picture of a MJ action figure I took from another blog