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Should it do that?

Posted: December 21, 2016 in Uncategorized
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If you are my one fan and read my blogs or social media posts then you don’t know I was disappointed in the results of the most recent United States election for president. My disappointment stems from a number of reasons, First and foremost would be the result himself. I am upset that a lot of my neighbors voted for a man who has been aptly described as deplorable. This deplorable character trait for me, is not debatable when it comes to the president elect. Donald trumps actions and rethoric  have been nothing short of deplorable.

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His plans for policy seem to be problematic for me and my children and I will never understand why anyone would vote for this man, but they did and now we will be forced to weather the storms with a foolish narcissistic brute at the helm.

If it is not evident, it should be now, I am not a trump fan, but many of my family and friends are.  They have their reasons for supporting this monster and initially I thought that I could understand these reasons.

I really love my family and friends. I love them because they are family and friends and because they are really good people. Mot all my family and friends would, give someone in need the jacket off their own back.

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Joe Biden was one of the youngest senators in the history of the senate and was elected to the senate six times. Joe went on to become the Vice President and therefore ran the Senate. Joe spent most of his professional life in the senate. Right now his is in the process of transitioning out of the senate and has been receiving thanks and praise from both democrats and republicans. One thing Joe mentioned when interviewed was that he always tried to maintain and instill respect for men and women based solely on the fact that they are men and women. Joe did not agree with many of the republicans ideologies and sensibilities but he did respect his fellow senators and this respect made Joe a success.

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I may never understand my family and friends political sensibilities and I don’t think that my love and respect for them will help me understand but I can and do respect and love them as people and I would never let something like politics get in the way of my realatioships with them.