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It’s here or Santa came

Posted: January 6, 2017 in Uncategorized
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Growing up in the United States I was taught the lore of Santa Claus. Santa, (in case you have not been raised in the United States or have been living under a rock) is a legend. He is, a mythical being who, rides across the globe on a sleigh pulled by flying reindeer, delivering presents to good boys and girls on Christmas eve. Christmas is the celebration on the 25th of December. Christmas is the annual festival that for the religious, celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, the non religious celebrate joy of the winter solstice.

When I would wake up on Christmas morning I would rush down stairs to the tree (the tree is another post altogether) and look to see what presents came from Santa. My sisters would shoot “Samta came” and we would open our gifts. Excited about the joy that the gifts would bring us.

Friday is named after Frigga the wife of Oden, the last day of the work week and it is finally here. I feel like the child on Christmas morning hearing my sisters shout again. I cannot wait to finish my Friday work and experience the joy that my weekend brings.

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I hope your weekend brings you joy as well and I know that it can if you put your mind to it. Do something you love this weekend with people you love. That is a formula that, will result in some joy.





Everyone Leaves

Posted: August 9, 2016 in Uncategorized
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Board rooms, offices, conference rooms, living rooms, Kitchens; the latter are all examples of both public and personal spaces. Public when they are occupied by more than one person. Personal in that almost all the rooms require a invite rather it be formal or in formal. We get together in these rooms and do  all kinds of things. I considered typing all the things that are done in this rooms but I considered the spaces ubiquitous nature and decided that everyone knows what goes on in these rooms and to type it would prevent me from conveying my point in a succinct manner.

Everyone enters and leaves the spaces. Everyone brings with them joy to these spaces as well. Some bring joy when entering the room and others when they leave it. I am going to try hard to day to bring joy into every space I occupy for however long I occupy that space to all occupants even if the only occupant is myself. What are you going to try to do?




It is correct. All too often people who have strong opinions find themselves in a logical argument with other people who have strong opinions, and the end of the argument is usually capped off with a statement like “well everyone is entitled to their opinion.” I have to say that this is not always true. The word entitled means to lay claim to something in the case of an opinion an entitlement would be a justification and if the opinion is not true it cannot be entitled. Now everyone has the right to believe in whatever truth they want but simply because they believe it is true does not make it so. You are not entitled to your opinion when it is false. At least not logically. When someone comes to an opinion that is illogical and unsupported through fact they build other opinions based on illogical ones and risk things not working correctly. Ignorance is not without victims. Ignorance can and often does cause harm to living things. It is gross ignorance that has helped make humanity the cause for the next major extinction on earth, it was ignorance that caused the Challenger accident in NASA. I could continue with ignorance causing harm stories but I will not . The ignorance harm stories are the bad news and I am more of a good news guy. So are you ready for the good news? Here it is, ready or not. We can and do learn. We can and do apply logic and reasoning. With logic and reasoning we can be assured or entitled to our believes and these beliefs will change when we are presented new evidence. With logic and reasoning it maybe possible to stave off massive extinction, get a better job, apply and attend the right college, marry the right man or woman, fill in the blank. Knowledge truly is powerful and is used everyday to make lives better. We (I am speaking of humans) have the biggest brains in the animal kingdom and we have just started using them. The future is bright and those who think logically and critically are going to experience this bright future with joy and happiness and those who do not think this way well they will not have this joy and happiness.