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This is an amazing bedroom I love it!!

I'm obsessed with...THIS PIRATE BEDROOM! <——– Take a minute and *like* my page on Facebook! Thanks! šŸ™‚ I think we can all agree this is the COOLEST. BEDROOM. EVER. It was designed for a 6-year old who was able to choose between a castle, racecar, pirate ship, or space ship. I have to admit I probably would've gone for a castle design, but this is still insanely awesome. The home features a huge hidden slide that runs the height of the home's staircase, and plops you into the coo … Read More

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Nostalgia is a funny word; lets see nostalgia is defined in WebstersĀ asĀ a bittersweet longing for things, persons, or situations of the past. A few weeks ago a friend of mind was commenting on the youth who was serving him at a local fast food restaurant and how this youths lack of comprehension and understanding as well as his completely rude attitude made him nostalgic. He wanted for a time when the youth were polite, respectful and bright not rude disrespectfulĀ and dumb as they are now. See the funny thing about nostalgia is that we can and do usually only remember the good things about the past. We should say he was experiencing sentimentalĀ nostalgia I only say this is what he was experiencing because I truly do not think the youth of today are less smart than the youth of yesterday. Before you quit reading and walk away shaking your head allow me to explain this.. Thanks.Ā  My oldest Kyle loves to read his new obsession is the Percy Jackson books (for those of you who are not raising a 12-year-oldĀ in North America Percy Jackson is an imaginary character in a series written by Rick Riordan in which Percy finds out he is the son of a greek god and adventuresĀ ensue) my friend would say that my son Kyle is the exception to the rule because the youth are not smart enough to read, however the over a million number would make his thought not true this is a 384 page turner whose target audience is middle school children and need I remind you of the best-sellingĀ Harry Potter series same target audience wildly successful. Having made my point to my good friend he wondered to himself out loud “well what exactly is the problem?” and of course being the rude and obnoxious friendĀ I am I piped up “maybe the problem is not with education maybe it is a culturalĀ thing”.Ā  Once again let me explain my statement…Ā  With my friend I really don’tĀ think the problem was the young man not understanding my friends order I think the problem was with the young man not caring about my friends order. Engaging a child is a very important tactic when a child or adult is engaged great things happened when someone is not engaged but disinterested bad things happen. How can someone working at a fast food restaurant be engaged one might say you can be engaged by being challenged and encouraged. The good news for my friend is two-fold; first being the youth are not dumb and second would be that engaging individuals is as easy as instilling in them pride in their crafts and purpose in the job the perform. Please weigh in on this and let me know what you think Thanks