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I became and excelled

Posted: September 24, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I was listening to a woman in a high management position outlining how she broke through the glass ceiling in her corporation, through becoming a better boss by engaging with her charges and employing empathy.

Focusing on purpose is what the experts call this change in management or interaction style. Questions which develop a purpose are internal questions and they are

1. What is good for my business?

2. What is good for me?

After realizing the answer to these questions you can be tempted to start work. Well before you do keep in mind that, these questions should be applied to every interaction during your work day.

Is what I am about to do good for my business?

Is what I am about to do good for me?

If you answer yes to both of these questions then you are headed in the right direction. After a yes plan your execution and march on. A no would indicate that something is wrong. After a no answer to either question, you have to ask more questions. Actually one question. Why is this not good for my business? Why is this not good for me?

These internal questions work for all professions and all professionals, but they also work on a personal level. Our lives seem to become more and more busy. As we grow older we may get involved in and start families, then life becomes exponentially busy.  The level of “stuff” to do seems to grow to monstrous heights and I can’t help but wonder, if I were to ask myself variations of these two questions would that help?

1/ Is this good for my family?

Asking this question my put a halt to many of the activities we engage in that do more harm to good. Asking these questions may also open up new ideas and new activities that give us a fuller richer and more robust life.

2. Is it good for me?

This question is one many family leaders forget to ask. We function in a stoic manner with concern only for our children spouses or parents but we forget if we do not take care of ourselves no one will. Also, if you do not care for yourself you will not be able to help others. You are important special and unique. Never sell yourself short take care of yourself and others always.

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I am convinced that by becoming and excelling at everything we do we will find our experiences in our professional and personal lives to be memorable powerful and truly impact the world.





“How am I doing?”

Posted: July 31, 2013 in Uncategorized
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The post title was the question asked by the late Ed Koch. When he was mayor of New York city Ed would ask the public that question. People would answer. Knowing how people are I think Ed would have gotten an opinion without a question, but the simple gesture of asking that question may have created an environment in such a busy and hectic city that made everyone feel involved.

I am not sure where you work or what you do, but I am going to go out on a limb and say you have a boss and a customer. If you do have a boss and a customer you really have two bosses. When was the last time you had a career  check up? Have you spoke with both of the bosses and asked how you are doing?

You may be surprised when you get the results. If your boss is any good at what he or she does you shouldn’t be surprised at what he or she says, but the customer, (who when you think about it is everyone’s boss)  they may surprise you. You will never know unless you ask.



Good morning and happy Monday. If you are reading this post on Monday, the day I am posting, and if it is Monday morning stop what you are doing, close your eyes and imagine that your boss will be out for a week. What did you feel? If you are the boss, imagine that you are out for a week, what did you feel? If you are reading this on another day, imagine it is Monday morning, then imagine there will be no boss for a week.

I like to do this because without a boss there are no meetings and only work. I actually do not hate my job I kind of like it, however through multiple meetings and the enlistment of new and changing resources work has become more meetings and less work.

As a boss it is important to always keep in mind that without you this place, work will still function. If you feel that it would not then, first you are wrong and second, the reins need to be loosened and then re-tightened in different areas.

A boss who micro manages usually only manages to drive everyone insane.  The success they experience would have been experienced without the micro management, without less meetings and far less ulcers.

A shepherd, a boat captain, a coach, a mentor and teacher. Are not so much micro managers as much as guides and facilitators.

“A good manager is a man who isn’t worried about his own career but rather the careers of those who work for him.”
– H. S. M. Burns
“The first myth of management is that it exists. The second myth of management is that success equals skill.”
– Robert Heller

When you lead (and at some time in your life you will lead someone) keep in mind that what you are doing will happen with or without your leadership, and the only true difference is in how you lead and how you treat the people you lead.





Managed chaos

Posted: June 13, 2013 in Uncategorized
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A co-worker was speaking with our boss and mentioned that she felt like she was involved in chaos. The boss let her know it was ok though because it was managed chaos.

A recent article I read which dealt with ambiguity stated that reading fictional works would help people. Ambiguity will always exist at home and at work. Just when everything seems to make sense and work according to order we get “the rug jerked out from under us”. We are confused when confronted with change and there is always change. Everything changes, core values remain but everything else changes.

Some choose to ignore, others embrace and some others fight the change. I couldn’t tell you what the right approach to this is but I can say that you will have many chances to test the waters.

Whatever the approach I would keep in mind that change and confusion are natural so don’t worry too much about it and if you are really struggling with chaos ambiguity caused my change or maybe even by the mundane just try relaxing and reading a good book




Yesterday was Sunday and as part of my Sunday rituals I attend a Sunday School in my local church.I like Sunday School, the teacher is a nice guy and the material that he teaches with is very engaging. Yesterday’s lesson was about church leadership. The biblical reference for the lesson came from the book of Timothy. Timothy is a book in the new testament of the bible. The book of Timothy is basically a long letter from Paul to an apostle named Timothy. Timothy is a young minister in the city of Ephesus. Paul is an older church founder. The Sunday School lesson dealt with Timothy’s need to establish some type of leadership in the church he was creating. Paul warned Timothy that, if he didn’t establish leadership others would in the church and he outlines all the moral guidelines for church leaders. The teacher of the Sunday school class mentions that these guidelines could also work for leaders in other establishments. I agree somewhat. The major difference between a religious organization and a business is that a religious organization is made to help people grow and learn within their religion. Religions have codes, world views. cultural nuances, moral values, narratives and are intended to give meaning to life. Business establishments on the other hand are organizations made to engage in the trade of goods or services. So a great  leader in church may not always be the best leader in a business.

A great leader for the cChurchBusinesshurch needs to have high morals and act righteously and altruistic. A leader in business needs to ensure a business makes money selling goods or services. Making sure a business makes money selling goods or services may not always require acting righteously or altruistic. So what am I saying? Can a man not be successful leader in business if he acts righteously or altruistic? No many successful business leaders have acted this way and continue to do so however, many more have not acted this way and are also successful leaders in business. Because of the nature of religion, the man who attempts to lead a religious organization the same way as a business will fail as a religious leader.  In the same way if we apply business principles to personal relationships we will come up wanting or missing something.