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I heard a doctor complain about something he called  hunch based medicine. After hearing his spiel it I would describe hunch based medicine as; Doctors treating patients with little information through heuristics as opposed to gaining as much information about their patient as they can and leaning on evidence. The doctor complaining about hunch based medicine pointed out that, in effort to avoid bad practices like hunch based medicine doctors need 5to “get to know their patients better”.  When the doctor said the words getting to know you I immediately thought about the musical The King and I.


The King and I is a musical based on the book Anna and the King of Siam. In the musical the main protagonist sings the song Getting to Know you. to the king of Siams children. Anna was recruited by the King of Siam to teach his children and she connects with them and becomes a part of the royal family.


Good teachers, doctors, plumbers, any profession really must focus on getting to know the people that they work for and with. Life is all about relationships and how we treat others and ourselves. I think we would do well at life altogether if we simply got to know each other a little better.






This morning I was nursing a headache caused from a bad reaction to some of the allergens in the area I live in. I was just starting to feel the headache pain ebb a little when I pushed down to hard on a stuck plunger and sprayed a copious amount of cologne on my neck. The cologne caused the headache pain to flow and brought with it a flood of memories.

There was an interesting article pointing out how, for most people smell is a very strong trigger of memories. I think from this mornings ordeal I am inclined to accept this article as a truth. I could remember exactly where and when I was when I bought this cologne. Not only could I remember where and when I was when I bought the cologne but how I felt when I did. This memory was a good one because I bought the cologne while at the airport on my way home and (confession time I am a bad shopper) I was on the cell phone with my girlfriend who was going to be seeing me at the airport when I got home.


I felt the anticipation of meeting her and then the excitement. So even though the stuck plunger and my accidental over cologning brought a headache it made me smile.

Enjoy your loved ones everyone




We all have hopes. We hope to accomplish something see someone be somewhere and we all if we are lucky will live long enough to see these hopes crushed. We will be disappointed. Life is a struggle.

If life is a struggle, and hope will be lost, why would I call those who live long enough to lose hope lucky? Because, when we lose hope that is given to us, we have the opportunity to make it happen on our own.  Just ask one of the greatest singers ever… “You can’t just sit there and wait for people to give you that golden dream. You’ve got to get out there and make it happen for yourself.” Diana Ross.

Through hard work blood, sweat and tears, we build our hope and manifest our dreams. When you create your own hopes and dreams you will find that the rewards are immeasurable and the limits are gone. You can truly do anything. Sweat makes a big difference. “Sweat cleanses from the inside. It comes from places a shower will never reach.”

Maybe you have had your hopes destroyed. You might feel like the carpet has been yanked out from under you and the universe conspires against you but all this is just your chance to start sweating.



Do yourself a big favor, right now wherever you are whatever you are doing, stop and take a slow deep breath. If you can pull in the air through your nose. Feel it go up your nose and through the nasal passage down into your lungs. Some people like to close their eyes when they do this I  am not a fan of the eye closing, sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t. But I am a fan of breathing. That breathe you just took that was a moment. One moment, there will be many more but none like that one.


We get busy and create schedules and meetings and fill our lives with all kinds of stuff and if we are not careful we can squeeze out moments. Life is not made up of schedules and meetings but moments like that breath you just took. If we rush through we will not enjoy moments like that. We can sometimes focus so much on schedules and past accomplishments that we forget what they represent. They represent a moment something we may never have again. So when you feel overwhelmed stop and breathe.  

I am sitting in the local hospital waiting to get x – rays done on my toe that I am sure is only sprained and severely bruised, when the name atlas come to mind. I think about how the god Atlas was cursed to hold the heavens from earth because of his affiliation with the titans.

Maybe I think about atlas because despite the size of my toe it is causing some really big pain. Sometimes small things can feel very large like we are cursed to keep the heavens from crashing to the earth.

The Doctor gets the x rays puts me in a stylish sandal and I feel much better. when we feel like we are faced with a gigantic punishment sometimes it can help to get some perspective and help, like you know a visit to the doc and a sandal.




I am not sure if you followed the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray or not, but you don’t need to to enjoy this post. Some context here: Dr. Conrad Murray was the personal Dr. for Michael Jackson,  he was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter of his superstar patient.  For more details you can check out the link.

During the doctors trial all kinds of people were brought to the stand among the throng of witnesses were, experts in medicine, hospital protocol and many character witnesses. The quote above was taken from one of the character witnesses was Sadie  Anding. Sadies testimony was very interesting and fodder for the title of todays post.

Sadie one of the doctors 3 girlfriends testified to things that went on the day Michael Jackson died and during here testimony she stated that she had spent part of the day “working on her instrument”, this upon clarification was found out to be herself, because she is a performer I think an actress. So working on her instrument was working out.

Ms. Andings statement got me to thinking and got me a little nostalgic.  I remembered for some reason riding my bike as a kid. I would ride my bike everywhere me and the Brian from across the street. We would raise up to the private school and church then we would practice and do tricks from the loading docks steps any piece of concrete we could find. Our bikes were the closet thing we had to an instrument.

Next door to my house was an older neighbour and his wife. Paul and Daisy Brown, they were from Texas but had lived in Cleveland Ohio for forever. Paul was retired and he would repair me and Brians instruments for us. Mr. Brown showed me and Brian how larger gears at the pedal and smaller gears near the wheels made bikes faster.  Much later in life I joined the army and bought a used car that never really worked right. I tinkered with it and so did two mechanics before I sold that instrument. I learned a little about engines and how they work, I guess you could say my instrument was my car then. Now I don’t do much tinkering with cars or bikes, but I am sitting at my desk here at work looking over a guide-book given to me by the human resource department of the company. The book is called “Emotional Intelligence 2.0”, it details how emotions can affect job performance. Our own emotions as well as the ones by members of our team. The book is full of exercises to help understand and use our emotions and when you think about it the book gives us exercise to fine tune our “instrument” which is ourselves (like my self aware pop psych. analogy?).

So today I will try my best to work on the instrument I have had as a child and will have until death. Me

What will you do?

peace john3c

Ahh the choice debate. An age-old topic that I am quite certain will never come to an agreeable resolution. Some of the most interesting documents on choice come from the good dr. Willam Glasser MD. His book titled “Choice Theory” is for sure a must read for anyone working with a group of 3 or more people. In the book the doctor outlines how we create an ideal world that we wish to live in and our choices we make in the real world are all done to achieve this ideal world.

Now wether or not we believe doctor Glassers’ theory doesn’t negate the fact that we are faced with choices everyday, and it also doesn’t negate the only choices we truly have power over are our own(this is also another part of the “Choice Theory”, we can only control our own choices). We may believe through either employing or having ultimatums employed on us that we are not in control of our choices, but this belief is incorrect. ultimatums do not take away our power they merely make exercising that power a little more difficult. Ultatiums are tortuous devices which really have no place in any relationship that we consider to be special.

Maybe if we work more on our communications with people who are important to us we will not need to resort to employing these ultimatums. But if little Johnny doesn’t eat his vegetables he should definitely not get any ice cream for dessert.