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I just finished reading, a really great book called, “Paddle Your own Canoe.” The book was written by a very good actor by the name of Nick Offerman. Currently Nick plays a leading role in a long running, very funny sitcom, called “Parks and Recreation“.  The book is interesting, it is written in a dry funny way and is half advice for live and half Nicks bio.

I really liked the book. The man has a story to tell, and judging from the way the story “eneded” he is still writing the story, and good for him. Nick explains how how his wife Megan Mullaly saved his life and offered him some great advice as well as wonderful words of wisdom.

Before the “Parks and Recreation” role Nick auditioned a lot and received some minor roles in movies tv shows and plays. It was during a minor audition that a man saw him and decided he wanted to cast him in the next project he was involved in. He wrote Nicks name down on a post it note and when he was involved with the creation of Parks and Recreation he had Nick audition.

Nicks wife gave him some words of wisdom after he was awarded the role on “Parks and Recreation” “if you’d gotten any of that other less perfect stuff, you never would have gotten this. Everything happened for the reason that you were meant to get this job.”

Deep, right? But it helps to keep this in mind, this idea that everything happens for some strange reason. Some call it god, cause and effect, others like John Dewey eloquently called it  the “social consciousness of the race, super geeks may (incorrectly) dub this phenom being in the Akashic field (I only say incorrectly because I think the Akashic field could be an actual physics phennomenom I may soon with the rapid advancements in astro physics be proven wrong cannot wait to see). Whatever it is you call it. Take heart becasue there is an unseen order and we are part of it. Some of us are active at some times in it and some of us are inactive at some time in the order.


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For me I experience and can keep a more positive attitude when I am active in this whatever you call it…. Life

So you may feel like nothing is coming up your way. Like the sisyphus myth. Stuck in a rut, forever. Remember, don’t quit pushing, stay active and everything happens for a reason.