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Finding that Place

Posted: December 23, 2016 in Uncategorized
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My mom and grandma were big yard sale fans. I remember waking on Saturday morning watching cartoons then hitting the road with my mom and grandma. Armed with a classified section of the Plain Dealer my mom, grandma, me and my sisters would visit house after house inspecting, hoping and finding treasures. I fondly remember the yard sale adventures more than any of the treasures but two treasures that really stuck with me were, two knick knacks that my mom displayed on our console tv set for years. The knick knacks were; a black glass jaguar and a thin brass sculpture of a stick man playing the piano. You could wind the stick man sculpture and listen to the music and I did. I once commented on how the Stick man should fear the Jaguar but, my mom let me know that “music soothed the savage beasts” so the stick man would be safe on the TV next to the Jaguar.

I am no longer a child and I have taken much solace and found soothing qualities from all kinds of music. One composers music that has brought me great joy and peace has been Bach. The Music of Bach is appreciated and used my millions worldwide. Bach brings us peace in times of turmoil and trial.

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Johann Sebastian Bach, led a life that seemed to be full of tragedy. Bachs mother died when he was nine years old and he lost a brother and sister early on in his childhood. His father died nine months later and Bach was an orphan. Bach grew up in the custody of his brother and was an organist in the local church. Bachs adult life did not spare him from tragedy either, Bach lost his wife while he was traveling with his then boss the duke and he lost many children as well. Bach was imprisoned for quitting a job. Despite all this tragedy Bach composed music that is transcendental in nature. Part of me believes that Bach’s music was a necessity for Bach and outlet for pain and tragedy and the fact that he shared it with the world speaks volumes to his character.

What do you do, besides listen to Bach, to escape the tragedies in life? Everyone has something that find transcendental and moving. Is it something you can share with others? Are you sharing it?  Your experience could be exactly what someone needs right now.

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A nice Trip

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My second oldest son is running cross country this year. I think he enjoys it and I like going to the meets. Cross country is a great sport. Running cross country requires conditioning  of  physical and mental type. I was driving out to the country last weekend to watch one of the events. the event was two and a half hours away from the home. The day was cooler out and I had the windows down. The event was far from an urban area and the ride there was scenic to say the least. As I was enjoying the trip, as if on cue, the song “Summer of 69” came on the radio and while I wasn’t born in 69 I took the opportunity to reminisce  I thought back to my youth fondly and I also found myself considering where I was now and thinking fondly. Music has this awesome ability we simply have to let it take us for a ride. I think life and silence has this ability to we need only be grateful and attentive and what we may realize is how wonderful and exciting life is, can and will be.  I encourage you today if you find yourself getting over whelmed or even if you are not overwhelmed,  to quiet yourself and listen to the songs that are playing and Enjoy the ride.




Yesterday I went to listen to my daughter Hnnahs school band. They did a great job! They really did. They performed a Madonna song, Like a prayer, a song made famous by Jamaraqui and a jazz number. They really did do a great job!


I know the video clip is a short one but I am not the best camera man. The Band and chorus teachers let all of us parents know that March is Music in our Schools month and that this month was time to celebrate and highlight music in our schools.

Music is everywhere all the time and can be overlooked and seemed as unimportant but the exact opposite is true. Music is so important! There was a dstyopian style sci-fi show I used to watch and love called “The Fringe”. In the show our protagonists travel through space and time and there is a time in the future when the human race has evolved beyond the need or understanding of music. This evolved human is cold calculated and not human at all.

One of the heroes lets the evolved antagonists know that they are not truly evolved because they cannot enjoy music.  My mom used to tell me that music tames the wild beasts and soothes the soul. She is right it does all that and more.

Music in our schools is just as important as math, science and literature. A life without music…. Can that be a life?  This link will open a blog post done by a professional musician outlining how even the deaf can enjoy music.

I am a strong supporter of music in our schools and homes. Some of my most favorite memories are that of my dad teaching me his favorite song, “American Pie” by Don Mclean. One of my favorite songs too. Read and sing to your loved ones.

“Where words leave off, music begins.”
― Heinrich Heine

“Ah, music,” he said, wiping his eyes. “A magic beyond all we do here!”
― J.K. RowlingHarry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

“Music touches us emotionally, where words alone can’t.”
― Johnny Depp

“Music is the universal language of mankind.”
― Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Today is Friday enjoy the weekend and the music




I finally finished reading a book. Yeah I did it I read the book. Usually I read at what I like to conisder a quick pace but this book I recently finished took some time. I tell myself it was because of my busy schedule but when I thing about it, I really think it took so much time because of how engrossing and engaging the story was. The book is 12 years a slave. The story is the one of, Solomon Northup. Solomon was born a free man when slavery was a legal and common practice in the United States. He married had children was working when he was kidnapped and sold into slavery. You can imagine the story forn there but your imagination will not do this story justice. This was one of the best books I have ever read. When you get a chance read this book!

The man was a lover of life and myusic.  He played violin  and he would mention how this would help to “calm his soul.”  The life of a slave on a plantation is a violent and fearful one that seems to have few if any bright spots. Despite all that this man Solomon Northup found solace and kept a disposition that I think few would be able to have.

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One of his secrets was his violin. Solomon spoke about finding pleasure in songs he played on his violin. Music is one of the most powerful mediums I have ever experienced. Music will make you dance, cry smile and it works across generations and culture. Singing and listening to songs can help liven our spirits and make life better. With the right perspective life is a dream.

“Life is one grand, sweet song, so start the music.”

Ronald Reagan

I don’t know what you are dealing wit,h but if you want some help, and you cannot play an instrument, why not switch on the radio?



Ok so if you said Warren Beatty you get the gold star. In the 1967 movie Bonnie and Clyde Warren makes this insightful quote “Ain’t life Grand”. If you have just read the first line and are very confused please see my post from Friday.

The first statement, if you haven’t read my post from Friday can be a little confusing, it could be compared to opening a 200 page book up to page eighty and starting to read. You would be confused and lost. Much of the plot develops quickly in novels, of course being the sharp tack and bright bulb that you are, you would quickly understand what is going on, developed your own back story and have finished the book by lunch time. I am of course assuming you are reading this book on one of your days off. Even though you would figure out the book starting at the beginning of our imaginary book would make it easier to understand and maybe a little more of an enjoyable read.

When I was in the Army one of my drill sergeants would always make mention of being on the same sheet of music. Have you ever seen sheet music? I have it can look quite complicated. I have not yet learned to read music. I like singing in church the older hymn but the only instrument I have learned to play so far has been the radio. I have however been exposed to sheet music. My sister played the violin, my daughter the clarinet and I have seen the paino player at churchs sheet music. Some sheet music will have words and two different sets of notes on them. I can totally imagine the confusion if you were to turn the page to early, while you were part of some orchestra.


Sometimes at home and at work we can feel out of “it”. Usually after we get back from a vacation or have just recovered from being sick. There are routines in social structures that develop a mature over time and if we have not been there for some time we will not be accustomed to or even know some of the nuances of these routine. It is important to, relax, take a deep breath and remember, what Christopher Robin told Winnie the Pooh when something different happened to him.

“Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. Christopher Robin to Pooh”. 



Yesterday Ravi Shankar passed away he was 92 years old and responsible for bringing the distinct and beautiful sound of the sitar and Indian music to the western world. Ravi is survived by an exquisite catalog, his wife, Sukanya, and his daughters, sitar player Anushka Shankar and singer Norah Jones, three grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. There was an interview with Ravi aired again on the radio yesterday during this interview he mentions that “The music that I have learned and want to give is like worshipping God. It’s absolutely like a prayer.”


He is not the only musician who has described music this way in an interview. The reluctant poet Bob Dylan said “Those old songs are my lexicon and prayer-book”.  Hanmk Willams sang “I saw the light.” Every major religion seems to have some type of song during their services. Almost all religious texts mention praise through song. Melody, harmony when we all sing and work together to “get on the same page” it is like we exist somewhere else. Music does this it helps people come closer to each other and to God. Ravi Shankar  the godfather of world music made the music world a closer place and maybe the world a better place may he rest in peace



Always go Big

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I am listening to Adele’s hit “When will I see you Again” while I type this. She croon s and goes on about love that she lost. How she has a bitterness because of love lost and unremembered. Her voice is as beautiful as a song bird and makes me smile while it pricks my heart. I think about the crooner and how she was 21 years old when this album was released. She was young and you can feel the “heartbreak” she experienced and I think about all the 21 year olds out there falling in and out of “love”. Unable to live anymore and broken-hearted. Over time the heart heals and we fall in love again. It can become easy to become close and guarded but if we do that we may not get to feel this great big love and if Adele did that what would I listen to that makes me sad and smile at the same time?

When it comes to love don’t be afraid to go big.