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Yeah November or as I like to call it make yourself insane month. November brings us Thanksgiving (time to be thankful meet and eat with family and friends), No shave November (a month full of not shaving our faces to help shed light on the problem of prostate cancer) and National Novel Writing Month.   So I am preparing to visit family, itching my face and trying to type about two thousand words a day. Yeah two thousand words a day. That is the average word count you should have so that you can finish a novel by November 28th.

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National Novel Writing Month is a wonderful time. Authors log in to the website, update their word count connect with other authors and do their best to win. How do you win? Well you type a book. The book has to have at least 50 000 words in it. I am behind the curve a little, but this weekend I plan on catching up. I made a big push in my novel last night! Got a lot of words in there and I am almost back on track. So I am not worried.

I was worried though. Two days ago I sat on the living room couch staring at my i pad waiting to see words appear on my screen and they didn’t. Words do not show up if you do not type them. My main character was stalled, I had set the stage and got the villain on the scene and know I wasn’t sure were to go. I looked over at my girlfriend and muse.   She was busy crushing it, candy crushing it that is. Then I did something radical. I covered the I pad watched tv and relaxed. Now I am pretty much back on track.

So what changed? I don’t know. I am sure a lot of things changed from two days ago but I couldn’t tell you what they were. I just know I needed a little break. Sometimes when you are in the midst of something, like say a book in a month event, you may need to take a little break. Step back get some perspective. look at a beautiful woman and things will change. You will get recharged and ideas will come back. The story will start back up. A break is different than quitting. Never quit I am not suggesting that just relax a little step back and get what you need to press on.

Peace everyone




Ok Ok two huge sets of shoes to fill I know.. I know but allow me to take this time to explain myself. I will start at the beginning of November 2011. I read about this most excellent program and of course registered immediately.  The program is National Novel writing month, the month is November and in case you haven’t guessed the goal is to write a novel in a month.

An average novel contains 50,000 words in it and that is the measure of a novel for this program. Well I fell short by 12,00o words last November and if you own a calendar you know that November is knocking on the door. Well I am not one to give up so I am trying again.

I was trying to figure out why I failed last year, I mean besides the obvious lack of words, and I think much of my problems came for starting on a story that did not have an ending. My story last year had a beginning and a middle but I wasn’t sure how I should end it. Well last night I found myself struggling for sleep and came up with a story. The artistic part of me wants to say that I dreamed it but I am not sure for me the line between imagination and dream after 2 am is quite blurred, but as soon as I realized that I had a complete story for a novel I found my I pad and got to work with some book notes(is this cheating for the contest? I don’t think so these are merely notes so that I do not forget not words that will be counted for the contest).

So why do I feel a little like Alexander and a tiny bit like Hemingway? Well it is rumored that Alexander Graham Bell, one of the most famous inventors ever, slept with a notebook near his bed and when inspiration struck he would write down said inspiration. Now an I pad is not a notebook but pretty close.  So that is the Alex part and Hemingway yeah it’s a super stretch I mean Hemingway was the man! One of the greatest writers ever. I know I cannot hold a flame to the greats but I becoming with every keystroke on the word processor more and more a fan of writing. Am I any good??? Well you be the judge this year I plan on keeping a blog updated with my daily writing for my novel Now be warned to get at least 50000 words in the month of November I will need to write an average of 2000 words per day. This blog post is only 443 words so far and you are bored to death, also I will not have any words here until November 2nd but definitely book mark it and allow me to bore you to the brink and back.


Happy Halloween



So today marks post 298.  Nothing will happen, I will hit publish and then the post will be made available to the world wide web my one fan will read it (thanks dad 🙂 ) and then I will start work. Well I guess that’s something right?

Last November I enetered a contest, it was called National novel writing month. Ok see here’s the deal; an average novel has 50,000 words in it so in November everyone in the contests writes a novel. I failed my novel is not finished if you must know (and I know you must) my novel has 32,000 words and counting. Yes I am still working my goal was to finish in November with the contest now it is to finish before November and if you e mail me I will send you a copy.  I am ready now though, as soon as November rolls around I plan on becoming a writting fool, my word processor (seriously when is the last time you heard or read the words word processor? it’s like saying type writter) will not know what hit it. When I was in the contest I let a few people know, beacause I suffer from a condition called cannot shut mouth itis (yes it is real). A lot of the people I spoke with asked me what happens when I finish at the end of Novemeber. Well there really isn’t a prize as far as accolades go. I mean you get this cool icon to stick on your blog or website (I have a website too I am working on it okay!) but I mean there is no money or trophy but things do happen just like when I reach 298 or 300 with this blog things will happen good things.

Often times we work and don’t get immediate recognition or praise and can feel discourged but it is important for us, to remember that…..

“People say, what is the sense of our small effort? They cannot see that we must lay one brick at a time, take one step at a time. A pebble cast into a pond causes ripples that spread in all directions. Each one of our thoughts, words and deeds is like that. No one has a right to sit down and feel hopeless. There is too much work to do.

Dorothy Day”