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On the way into work this morning the radio carried a story about a hearing, which sounded more like an inquisition, into the electric utility companies response to the hurricane Sandy disaster. There were stories told by men and women about the trauma they experienced living without electrical power in their homes and I couldn’t help but think how odd it was that electricity is considered a utility and not a luxury.

Is electricity intrinsic to human survival? I would say no. So electricity is not a necessity, but it is not a luxury, or is it? I guess it depends on who you ask. There is a useful for electricity it is useful and nice to have. I guess the word utility is appropriate than and should be remembered for what it is a utility not a necessity. I wonder if the men and women conducting the inquisition kept in mind the nature of electricity would the inquisition be as harsh as it is.



 Don’t get me wrong I enjoy the utility as much as the next guy, but I hope I can always keep in mind, especially when the power is out that it is not a need but a want and the generation and distribution of electricity is a feat in and of itself, that may not always work as it seems it should.