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Let me give you a big warning here. This will be a super geeky article. On Wednesday October 15th Lockhead Martin announced that one of their companies may have created an engine that will make energy using fusion. For my fellow geeks you may be thinking so what nuclear reactors do this every day all the time, especially in France, where the country is almost exclusively powered through nuclear energy (United States take note this is not a bad idea low pollution low cost (over time)).

The major difference in this fusion reactor is the size.  The reactor is compact and if it really does work this reactor will change everything, from travel to power for the smarter electric grids going up all over the world. Now let me say this Lockheads claims about the reactor have been meet with some pretty harsh critics and skepticism. I mean some scientists have straight up said that this will not work. It remains to be seen however the fact that Lockhead is coming forth with the claim gives the geeks around the world a chance to read more about energy created from a reactor that is compact and uses plasma. It also should inspire hope in those who are not so quick to geek out.



Hope for the future of man on and off the earth. In 1791: John Barber received a  British patent, #1833 for a  Method for Rising Inflammable Air for the Purposes of Producing Motion and Facilitating Metallurgical Operations. Another name for the machine would be a turbine. The turbine moved parts and made physical labor intensive tasks rely less on the motion of man.  If you ask me this patent for the turbine was a milestone in mans evolution and the real beginng of the industrial revolution. Of course this will be debated but, the turbine gave man hope and now the same design is used to push airplanes through the skies and trains across the nations.

The future can seem bleak, but if you look you will see the milestones. Men and women innovating and creating and making the future a little better for this and the next generation. The men and women at Lockheead are doing this with the new generator.