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I was listening to an interview with Larry King and when asked about his secrets, he said that he has always felt that, “everyone is interesting”.  This feeling can be seen through watching or listening to any of the myriad of interviews Larry King has or is conducting now on Hulu + . Larry is the king of the interview for a reason and I can’t help but think his interest in people has made him the king.

Larry listens and usually doesn’t speak when his guests are speaking. The new host on CNN seems to not do much listening and a lot of talking. While Pierce Morgan speaks the popularity of CNN plummets. If you have read any other posts of mine you may realize I am not a usually a fan of what is popular or the majority but in this case I may have to agree with the majority.  The replacement on CNN has accused guests of being stupid and exploited children of tragedies for ratings. 

Larry said “everyone is interesting” not everyone is stupid. We can often become consumed with the selfish and egotistical mind set, but when we do  we miss out on understanding and hearing other perspectives and ideas. When we speak over and accuse people of being stupid we are not allowing ourselves to enjoy our guests company.

You can argue that causing harm may be enjoyable but I would fire back with this wonderful quote:

The bottom line is that insulting and unhealthy competition should never have a place in a person who wants to positively affect the world, and Larry is right everyone at the very least, is interesting.  






So you may be asking yourself after reading this post’s title,  why can this guy not spell? Well to answer your question I think it is a combination from a short attention span throughout all my schooling coupled with a laziness while writing, or typing, which prevents me from looking up a words proper spelling. I am not sure what combination it is that makes me such a poor speler and I am working on becoming better at the spelling thing, but in this case whey is spelled that way because I am referring to a by-product that comes from making greek yogurt.

Coming into work I was listening to a radio program which was detailing the rise in popularity of  greek yogurt in the United States and because of the popularity peak many dairies have ramped up production of this delicacy. With any type of yogurt there is a certain amount of whey created. Conventional yogurts whey a process of reclamation is employed and the yogurt is used by some cheese manufacturing. The whole idea of wasting nothing immediately comes to mind for me. The problem with greek yogurt whey is that it is far too acidic to be used in any cheeses. This problem has become a chief concern for some of the greek yogurt manufactures one manufacture handles the problem by selling the whey to a local waste management facility which has a process by which they break down the way and produce a gas that can in turn support the facility with electric power, the problem with this solution is that it is cheaper for the facility to simply buy power from the local utility, so this process may be too expensive to be a sustainable option for the yogurt manufacturer. Another solution employed is using the whey in a manure mixture for local farmers who are paid to put this on their crops. The manure solution has limitations as well not so much financial more logistical and temporal. In other words there are not enough nearby farms to handle all the whey waste generated from the yogurt companies.

The yogurt companies bring in a lot of money to upstate New York so to help with the whey problem Cornell has put together a  task force which will provide some options for the yogurts acidic by-product. I may be letting my inner geek show but I am excited to see what the force comes up with. Could whey become a new clean energy providing free sustainable cheap power to the whole upstate New York area? Who knows. We will soon find out though.

Life is always messy. There will always be some whey in our way and finding an elegant and simple solution beneficial to everyone involved in our life to deal with this way is what makes you a grandmother, and a mother.


and happy thanks giving