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Posted: August 29, 2016 in Uncategorized
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Close your eyes and imagine that you are 13 years old again. What are you dreaming of? 13 year old me was dreaming of being a race car driver, super hero, secret agent spy, mountain climber, treasure hunter, circus clown, lion tamer, magician, jewel thieve, movie director, movie star and a cool surfer. What did 13 year old you want to be when you grew up? What are you doing now? This comedian said “that’s why you need a good plan b.” The joke made me laugh and later it made me cry a little.

There is this awesome song called   “Peter Pan” by Kelsea Ballerini. The song is awesome! Of course it is about a boy who never grows up and as I listen to it I imagine how over rated growing up is. Don’t misunderstand me I think we should be responsible but there are other costs and aspects to growing up that make it just mundane, boring and overrated.

Grownups become pretentious and less genuine. “The mouths of babes” is a great quote that speaks to children’s honesty.  When we grow up we often trade honesty for other things. What we should do is be honest and kind.

When you where a child, you chased your passion, through imagination and creativity everyday, now are you out there chasing numbers on a spreadsheet and come home more and more tired. We need to be creative, passionate and imaginative. We need more Peter Pans.  It is not to late to chase your dreams. Today can be the day.

“Think of all the joy you’ll find when you leave the world behind and bid your cares goodbye. You can Fly. You can fly.” –Peter Pan





Who are you?

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It is funny how the human memory works. Most humans remember feelings smells and tactile sense associated with feelings they have in moments. Let me try to unwind my last sentence a little. The smell of vanilla will make most people think of sun block and sunblock makes most people remember summer days. Days spent in our youth on a trampoline or in the back yard trying to sneak a peak at the neighborhood girls and women sun bathing.  Maybe we will remember trips to the beach with our friends and families. Getting baked and burned by the sun and loving every minute of it, but see, it is the smell then the feel and then the moment. We do not simply, (barring an indivual who poses an eidetic memory) recall any situation. We recall parts and feelings that are associated with moments.

Some philosophers believe that a person is a product of their memories.  I am not sure if this is entirely accurate but in case it is I encourage you to live every moment to the fullest and with the most compassion and passion you can muster.

I will try and do the same.