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The thing about tha bad parts is.. 

Posted: January 17, 2017 in Uncategorized
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I like, no love life and people. Life has been and continues to be for me, an adventure. Everyday I try to learn something new and fail at something. I would love to meet new people everyday but I sometimes fail at this ( live in a rather small town) but when I do meet new people it is quite the learning experience people are different as much as we try to categorize people and box them up we find that this is simply an exercise of futility. People and life itself never fail to amaze and humble me. All that being said sometimes life and people stink.

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Bad things happen to us in our lives and people we trust and love do bad things and this stinks. See though life is gestalt. Life is comprised of good things and bad things and although the bad things stink they happen and some would say that we cannot have good without bad. This cannot have good without bad is a theological doctrine named privatio boni (that is Latin for absence of good(I think)).  Whether or not I agree to this doctrine would take quite a few blog posts to answer so let’s not do that. Let me say that I do agree that, there is more good than evil and good will always overtime win out and finally life and people have their bad parts and they are unavoidable and they are worth it in the end.





I heard a doctor complain about something he called  hunch based medicine. After hearing his spiel it I would describe hunch based medicine as; Doctors treating patients with little information through heuristics as opposed to gaining as much information about their patient as they can and leaning on evidence. The doctor complaining about hunch based medicine pointed out that, in effort to avoid bad practices like hunch based medicine doctors need 5to “get to know their patients better”.  When the doctor said the words getting to know you I immediately thought about the musical The King and I.


The King and I is a musical based on the book Anna and the King of Siam. In the musical the main protagonist sings the song Getting to Know you. to the king of Siams children. Anna was recruited by the King of Siam to teach his children and she connects with them and becomes a part of the royal family.


Good teachers, doctors, plumbers, any profession really must focus on getting to know the people that they work for and with. Life is all about relationships and how we treat others and ourselves. I think we would do well at life altogether if we simply got to know each other a little better.





On my way into work I heard this awesome commercial on the radio for tires. I know right, tires it is so crazy but seriously the commercial really resonated with me so I stopped by Tire rack before work noooo not that much. But seriously, the commercial was awesome. See there is this voice of  this guy and he says something like “you with the truck loading it with groceries. Get out there and get new tires and do truck stuff. Drive up a mountain and plant a flag at the top. You know Truck stuff!” It is such a cool commercial.


There is this You tube channel called People are Amazing and the channel shows people performing some incredible stunts and I have to agree people are amazing. Guess what if you are reading this and you are not my friend Cassies dog you are a person and if you are Cassies dog, you are in so much trouble, you are on the couch and on her latop and oh bad bad Jax bad. Anyway you are a person and you are amazing and you should get out there and do amazing things. Climb a mountain and put a flag in it. Now imagine that with like a cool commanding voice. Huh see pretty awesome right?

But seriously do something amazing today to some people stuff except Jax you need to get off the couch and be a good boy.





Only one Song

Posted: August 10, 2016 in Uncategorized
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This morning on the radio, I heard at least 9 songs about love.  I heard about love found, love lost love remembered, young love and old love. There where songs about drinking and songs about family. The one topic that, there wasn’t a song about was worry. Worry is an interesting thing, it happens even for the most peaceful people. Everyone worries, worry sneaks in and brings with it an adrenaline rush and when there is to much worry it can make someone sick. There is nothing wrong with concern and a little bit of worry there is a problem with a constant state of anxiety. There is only one song I can think of that speaks about worry, that is the Bobby Mcfarlane song that goes “Don’t worry be happy” worry is the exact opposite of happy at least for Bobby.

I have heard people say that worry and happy cannot occupy the same space. I am not sure if I agree in that the human is a complex machine full of all kinds of emotions but I will say that worry tends to creep into and destroy people I encourage everyone to allow worry in their lives but use the rational mind to keep worry at bay. There is nothing wrong with concern that is addressed and handled. Worry lets us know where “the cracks in the damn are” worry should never stop us from fixing those cracks.

I would like to encourage you to worry a little and never let the worry steal your happiness or peace.

So do worry but just a little bit like maybe one songs worth or something.



There I stood 8 year old John on the 2 X 4 board suspended above the ground at halloran park in Cleveland Ohio. The board was part of the play structure at the park. From the board hung a tire swing.

I stood there and I know now it was only 6 feet up but it seemed like a 100 feet. I could feel the board shake and in the distance I could hear my dad telling be to walk across the beam.

I just knew I couldn’t make it across that beam. I was going to fall and die that was what I knew! Well I was wrong and my dad knew better. He knew that I would make it. He demonstrated that day more than hope. When he had me get on that board and walk across he gave me a life lesson that I feel has shaped who I am. I realized then that great things happen every day by ordinary men and women.

I really dislike that term ordinary men and women because life in and of itself is far from ordinary. Life is amazing and wonderful and every day life is making something amazing happen. Miracles surround us.

Up there on that beam I realized that you can be part of and embrace the miraculous that is life or you can simply watch as a bystander. Up there on that beamed I realized that I and everyone other person in this world were basically limitless. I am a firm believer that with the right circumstances man and woman  can accomplish anything!

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Some things seem hopeless and I am not here to offer you hope. my dad did not inspire me with hope or a belief in me no, he inspired me by making me face the fact and that fact is that people are amazing!

Do you use Vine? if so look up the hash tag people are amazing. Sit back and enjoy that show! The videos on vine with that hash tag are excellent.

Something that has helped me and can help you is a realization and that is this… You are only limited by you….

If I were to tell you that your life is already perfect, whole, and complete just as it is, you would think I was crazy. Nobody believes his or her life is perfect. And yet there is something within each of us that basically knows we are boundless, limitless.

See time is not really linear it actually doesn’t exist other than in the temporal space. So without time it is paramount to remember that all you need in life you had at the start. With this ideology the words can’t and impossible drop the im and ‘t. You will have a life that is full and rich no matter what happens.

Thanks dad



The summer was slipping away. We had been busy all summer, a canceled trip gave us a chance to participate in what I hear some call a stay cation. We woke up late drank coffee read the paper and then went into the downtown area of our thriving “metropolis”. Alright confession time, our city has just over 34,000 souls so we are not exactly metropolis status but there is an art gallery and because it was a Thursday, said art gallery was open.

We walked in and we were immediately greeted by the gallery’s keeper. She let us know that this week the gallery’s display was work by the students of her and the gallery’s one other employee.  She then turned on the overhead lights so we could get a better look at the students work.

The gallery does a Saturday class and this employee teaches the Robb Ross oil painting glass. The other younger employee teaches different classes.Right away I notice an oil painting with a tree, a creek, a barn and a fence. The picture is a green landscape with the creek cutting the landscape into two parts. Some of the creeks are wide and I imagine me as a child wading in and skipping stones. Other creeks are a thin dark blue line and I imagine myself again jumping the rushing creek. The thrill of almost not making it exhilarates me.

In one painting the tree has no leaves at all and is more black than brown. It gives the picture a beautiful and ominous effect at the same time.   Another painting  has a long tree with distinct bright green leaves you feel like nature is ordered and beautiful. One more painting has a more stout bushy tree and it makes me feel more visceral.

I see Bright red barns and other barns are more brown than red. Some of the barns are large and a major focal point of the landscape. You are tempted to jump into the painting and open the door.  Other barns are a little more than a dot on the painting.

The fence is broken in some paintings, others look as though a farm hand just finished shoring the fence up.

One landscape painting, one class, many students. A tree, a creek, a barn and a fence.

We spend a great deal of time in the gallery. I am surprised at all the subtle and not so subtle differences in the painting  and I think about people. The diversity of man has to be one of our greatest strengths.

So many people so different, physically, mentally, spiritually. Sometimes at home or work you can be dealing with something that seems impossible but rest assured it isn’t.

You may have tried what seems to you like everything, but it is important to keep in mind that you and your reality is one of many realities and what seems like infinite possibilities. Reach out socialize get to know more people. Through speech and written word impossibilities will become possible and your life will be far more rich.




If you read todays post title and knew what it was you probably also know what I am going to write about today. Todays post title “just setting up my twttr” was the first tweet ever posted on Twitter. On March 21st, 2006 Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter made history. Today Twitter has over 200 million active monthly users. Twitter is used and envisioned by Dorsey as a town square. You can read and Tweet about what you are eating or drinking or as in the case of the “Arab Spring” you can update the world about your city, country and cultures climb to democracy and freedom.

I remember first siging up for Twitter. Some mocked me. “Why sign up and use that when you have Facebook and can post your status there”? I let them know that I loved the 140 character limit. If you have read any of my blogs you know that I have a tendency to ramble on and a limit on text likes that keep my posts succint and pointed. If I want to have deeper conversations my followers will have to click the link and the simple message of “hey this is what is up”, becomes a more intimate affair. Almost like, stopping someone who just shouted out a headline in a towns square and asking him or her for more information.  


Jack Dorsey,  founder of Twitter, was a dispatch programmer who co-founded Obvious which then spun off Twitter, created a social network which made it easy for individuals to share ideas, pictures, new stories. While Facebook was adding interfaces, Twitter was taking away the interfaces embracing the “less is more” approach and succeeding. I like to think that the reason Twitter is so popular is that it is merely a facet for interactions, unlike other social medias, Twitter enables and then gets out-of-the-way of its users. I am not sure if you can tell but I am a huge fan of Twitter! Do you use Twitter? If not you should.


Happy birthday Twitter