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So the quote is from the play. Think hard to you remember the plays name?   We have all read the play in high school. Need another hint? Salads are named after the play’s title and main player.  I knew you would guess it, good job!

In the play “Julius Ceaser” Cassius uttered these words to Casca when asked if Ceaser accepted the crown or not. He replied “I don’t know it was all greek to me.”

Spoiler alert!!…. The play was an interesting one the crown was offered to Julius Ceaser and he refused it and was still offered it and he reluctantly became a leader of Rome. Through the employment of much subterfuge forces in the senate convince all members excluding Mark Anthony and including one of Ceasers friends Brutus to assassinate the leader and he is stabbed to death.  

I like the statement it is all greek to me because it points out how easy it is to not understand something that can directly affect your lifestyle, like modern-day politics. We can watch on television, as the primary elections are held and soon the presidential election, the future world leader want to be’s argue over issues that can be complicated and confused, or greek. Some would argue that it is a voters responsibility to educate themselves. I am not here to argue of the “responsibility” that someone has when they are doing something in as a volunteer, like voting. But let me say this knowing the issues while painful as it is to sift through all the political hyperbole and mud-slinging can help one to place a better vote and to better understand what jurisdiction they are under

I snagged this greek alphabet picture from this blog