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On the radio this morning I laughed while listening. The show I was listening to was “Kidd Kraddick in the Morning“. The host is very funny and he was commenting on how he was going to use the words “I choose not to retain that as opposed to the words I forgot”. He compared his brain to a storage locker that you rent by the month (you know the type you have one right now full of your moms pictures and holiday decorations as well as the livingroom set that smells like smoke and was given to you by uncle Walter). Kidd pointed out that like the storage locker his brain was full so he couldn’t accumulate that much more junk and made the decision not to retain things.

I thought Kidds comment was very funny and laughed but I began to wonder about the limits of the human brain.   I remember reading about the tremendous potential and power of the brain last year in Discovery magazine. The human brain works on many levels that are still undiscovered and understanding how the brain works and in some cases doesn’t work could unlock the secrets to immortality and understanding how humans where made. Our worry should never be that we will run out of room in our brains in our quest for the truth but it should be that if we waste it we will run out of a life to live. I have heard it again and again by people closer to the end of their lives than I mine “live your life to the fullest.” What I don’t hear is be careful you will run out of space. The analogy is funny because it is absurd and ridiculous. I remember the movie “Angela’s Ashes“. The movie ,which was one of the best movies I have seen, was based on a memoir written by the author Frank McCourt. His family is one of the few families who leaves the United States for the poverty-stricken war-torn Ireland. In Ireland Frank and his brother go to school and the instructor utters a line that I am convinced I will always remember. “Fill your brains boys with all the knowledge you can. They can take your home and possessions but they cannot take what you put here (he points to his head)” So we will never run out of room and we should never ever stop learning.