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I am a big fan of Parks and Rec. Parks and Rec is a comedy show on NBC that displays the hilarious adventures of Leslie Knope in the small fictional town of Pawnee Indiana. Leslie starts the show in season 1 as an office worker in the parks and rec. department of Pawnee and now in season six she has risen to the level of city council woman.

During her rise to power she shares and makes new friends. In season two episode 22 Leslie meets a man by the name of Justin. Justin seems perfect to Leslie, he listens to everyone stories and does his best to help everyone out in Leslie’s group, but she also notices something that is “off” about Justin. Justin has a certain apathetic way and his interest seems not genuine.

Leslie cannot figure out what is wrong with Justin and her boss and friend Ron offers her some fatherly advice.  He lets Leslie know that Justin is a “tourist,” meaning that he takes “vacations in people’s lives” and only cares about telling interesting stories to impress other people, which makes him selfish and she deserves better.


It can easy to become a tourist just observing without helping or investing ourselves, but until we do we will always be vacationing and wouldn’t you rather live?