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The book is called Touching a Nerve the self as Brain. The book poises that the brain, not something higher, is what controls men and women.  She points out that there is not a soul.

As a church goer and believer in a higher power I am tempted to dismiss immediately, this scientists position, but I don’t I listen read and watch and I remember a minister telling me that he loves his wife with his whole liver. The liver is more the center of our body and now I see a sort of campaign for making the liver a thing. The center of who we are.

To suggest that the mind is what controls us what is us and not the soul.. Should this change our religious believes? I guess it depends on what your religious beliefs are. If we were to say that our religion makes us whole and saves our brain instead of our soul would this be a bad thing? Should semantics stop us from living a good life?

I say of course no. Whether it is a soul or a brain I don’t think we should ever diminish the need for morality.  Maybe I am simplifying this too much, but I feel like this idea this issue maybe more of a semantics issue than any thing else.

This debate of the mind versus a soul feels eerily reminiscent to the debate of demon possession versus mental illness. How many men and women suffered from Tourettes  syndrome and were accessed as demon possessed?

The mind and the soul are very complicated mysteries and as we learn more about each, we may as a world, come to the conclusion that the two are one in the same.

I am not sure and we will soon see but will we be saying he has a good mind and I love you with all my liver? I don’t know He has a good soul and I love you with all my heart has a much better ring to it doesn’t it?




Sunday morning I was in church listening from my post in the back pew when the preacher asked a question to which he received raised eyebrows and strange looks.

“Can we choose who we love?” The love part I understood, I mean Tuesday os St. Valentine’s day, but the choosing part took some explanation. It was in the preacher’s explanation that he described sacrificial love (the highest form of love) and how the Baptist religion believes Jesus demonstrated this love for all people throughout time with his life and we should follow said example. It is possible to choose to love everyone we meet because we have an example in christ’s life.

Now  I am not sure about your religious beliefs but the Beatles had it right when they sang “all we need is love”. It is without doubt that we could all use a little more love in this world. I began to think about this then I began to think about the children and how their examples are the adults much like the adults example is christ and I began to wonder if I demonstrated any love at all, let alone sacrificial love.  So with St. Valentine’s on, the very near, horizon I think it important to remember who we are and who is watching.


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