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Allow me to be the first to wish you a happy Friday eve! So happy Friday eve. You are almost there only a few more hours and it will be Friday end of the work week beginning of the weekend.

On my way to work this morning the radio is dominated by two subjects the budget talks in the United States Washington DC and the new government in China. unfortunately the talk on both subjects seems to have a very negative tone, then as if on time I see the marquee for one of the churches on my work route and it reads “The nation that turns from God will always be in turmoil” and this really resonates with me.

Now I am not sure your religious preference, I have always said that the right religion is the right one for you, but I know that at the heart of almost every major religion is love and respect for fellow-man and I know that with this principle the budget talks in DC can be accomplished and a compromise can be made in which everyone will have a bright future and with this same attitude in China the new government can ensure human rights and a strong nation.

The most powerful force in the world is love and as long as we keep ourselves centered on this everything else seems to work its way out