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I was thinking of  naming this post wrong is wrong but then I realized I would be stealing from my preacher at church. In case you haven’t read it I actually wrote about the preacher. Judson Maxwell is his name and he is a really good guy. His message spoke about the idea of an absolute right and wrong in the bible. However that is Juds message and not mine this post is not about the absolute right or wrong and it is not titled “wrong is wrong” it is titled “let’s not argue over semantics”.

So I guess if you are like I was the first time I heard this statement you would want to know what Semantics means. So I did what any red blooded American boy 12 years of age would do and I looked the word up in the dictionary. Armed with the definition for the word I was going to set out to avoid all arguments on semantics and then I meet “those people”. So who are those people you ask? Well even if you didn’t ask I will tell you who they are. You are so lucky! 

Those people are the ones who will use words to construe meaning to fit into the world they have crafted for themselves and everyone else. I know I sound crazy right now but if you give me some time I believe I can explain. There are some fundamental laws of nature and humanity. This fact is non negotiable. There are certain things you cannot do and certain things you should never do. Let’s see example of something you cannot do it is physically impossible to bend your knees backwards and you should not kill someone.

Now someone who wishes to bend their knees backwards will need to do some gymnastics and someone who wishes to kill someone will need to do some mental gymnastics and engage in an argument over semantics concerning humanity. Now I know killing someone is dramatic and hopefully no one reading this will ever be faced with the need to engage in any conversation concerning that however to lie is definitely wrong and we are faced everyday with the choice to tell the truth or lie to someone anyone we speak with. I don’t know about you but I find myself in constant conversation with well myself and I get in argument over semantics all the time.

John: well what should I say to this person.

self: tell them the truth the asked for it.

John: they may not want to know the truth

self: they asked for it and the truth is something you can’t go wrong with they will be upset for a minute but they will be grateful for it and you later

John: OK ok well maybe I can tell them the truth and offer my help

see what happened there? these types of conversation go on all the time and if we argue with ourselves over semantics we may miss the opportunity to help out a buddy when they need it most.