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“do or don’t do.. ther is no try” Yoda

Aww wise word from the master who teaches masters in one of the most successful film franchises in the history of hollywood. For anyone who doesn’t know Yoda is a character from the “Star Wars” movies. The Star Wars movies are a creation of George Lucas, in which men women and all types of different life forms become Jedi who defend all the solar systems from evil. It is rumored that Lucas based the Jedi off of the ancient samurai. Yoda is the head Jedi and he makes this comment to the Jedi who is at the time the last hope for all of the other solar systems.

It is a simple yet profound quote when you think about it I like it because it takes away the limbo we can often find ourselves stuck in when we don’t complete a task in the way we would like to. I don’t think anyone wants to find themselves like Schrödinger’s cat.  If we adopt the philosophy that those who haven’t tried haven’t failed then we are putting ourselves in the box just like the cat but if we follow Yoda’s philosophy to do and  not try we will never not know we will know only and since I started with a quote from a  figure from fiction, why not end with one from a non fiction figure?

“Knowledge is power” — Sir Francis Bacon