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I was in Ninth grade 14 years old and I was of course complaining to my mom about sitting on the bench during my soccer games. My mom let me know that, if I practiced and tried harder I would spend more time on the field and less on the bench. I told my mom that I did practice. She then let me know that I didn’t practice at home and went a step further by purchasing me a soccer ball.

I traded in the basketball after school and then played soccer. I learned a lot at home that school year about soccer and actually started on the JV team the same season.

I hit the learning curve rather quickly with soccer, and I am currently trying to learn how to use some new software and I have hit the learning curve like a car smashing into a freeway embankment.

Learning anything new is exciting and fun but when you hit the learning curve it can feel frustrating and disappointing. We have to dig in our heels try different approaches and conquer the learning curve and we can do this!

The most important thing when hitting the learning curve is to not give up! Winston Churchill said it best when he told the troops in WW II to ” Never Give up” .

I think the best thing about a learning curve is that after making that turn and getting over that curve everything else seems tiny.






I have been told and taught that bumble bees cannot fly according to the rules of aerodynamics. This is obviously not true. The obvious part comes from seeing the bees in the backyard at the playground or any garden, they fly from flower to flower doing their thing.

The mistake that caused this idea to be taught and perpetuated came from the lack of powerful computers. Aerodynamic models where and are built and tested using  models in 2 -d. 3 D modeling is just now being adapted developed and used and in 3 d modeling we can see that a bee dragon-fly and many other insects fly using turbulence to generate lift. This way of flying is unlike the birds, airplanes and pretty much anything else in the sky.

I have never been a tall guy. I would say that I am of average height now, but in middle and high school I was very short and small. I was often told by many what I would not be able to do. This could have been discouraging but it seems most were wrong.

Between 1985 – 1995 I was attending school and Spud Webb was playing basketball in the NBA. Spud Webb was an all – star, and slam dunk championship winner and he was one of the shortest players in the NBA.  I am sure he was told by many that the NBA was a pipe dream or maybe he wasn’t. The bottom line is Spud Webb didn’t let others decide his fate for him and no one should.

You can do anything if you put your mind to it.





The post title is a quote taken from a grandfather to his grandson while both enjoyed a Sunday afternoon on a public golf course in the one of the Cleveland Metroparks.

No in answer to your question, I do not spend my afternoons in the park spying on Grandfathers and grandsons. I did however at the ripe old age of 11 and 12 spend some Sunday afternoons and Saturday mornings in the park with my grandfather playing golf. In case you haven’t figured it out, I am the grandson in the story.  I haven’t really pursued the golfing in my adult life, I am mor of a fan of running and racquet ball. I have taken my oldest son golfing and done some golfing myself (not enough to join a club or even develop a handicap though).

Even though I am not a fan of golf I do appreciate the sport and like many men as I grow older I may play more often. I appreciate the sport for many reasons but the largest reason for my appreciation may be the same one that my grandfather has. The sport scoring system is based on the individuals effort.

Golf bowling and life in general are all events (I almost used the word games there but the voices in my head started screaming hey life isn’t a game) in which an individual can excel or not based on their indivual work and effort. Some will disagree about the life part of my last statement, to their disagreement I refer them to a quote by a successful and brilliant man…

” Winners compare their achievements with their goals, while losers compare their achievements with those of other people”  — Nido Quebin