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I have never been one to respect a person’s position.  Watching and learning from my dad I was taught that all men and women were basically equal.  Know I have seen some pretty impressive actions by people and I respect the action but the person I respect no more or less than I respect myself. This attitude has made it impossible to kowtow to managers and executives at work and other institutes. I can usually tell which people enjoy the sycophants and undeserved loyalty pretty quickly and I know that my relationship with these people will not usually go well. Let me say that very few people I have meet in managerial positions or at executive level look forward to or welcome the servitude. Most are there to simply do a job and move on. They are less power hungry and more apathetic than anything else. In business most men and women simply do not care.

It is the apathy and the rapacious personalities that I would love to see totally disappear from the world both professional and personal. Did you know that the Aboriginals do not have a word for mine? I was told that by someone once, I am not sure if it was true and when I am finished with this post I may fact check it but imagine no sense of ownership.. It is kind of hard  to do. Imagine if everyone is a partner of some sorts. Imagine if a organization reaped rewards for the worst performance not the best and the organization could not terminate or sack anyone. Imagine the things that the human race could do. Today and this weekend you will run into other people I encourage you today to respect them no more or less than yourself look at them and understand that whether we accept it or not they are our partner.





This morning while getting ready for work, I was listening to the radio and heard an older song by “Rage Against the Machine”. The song was “Killing in the Name”. I remember the song and the group. I remember buying a Rage CD and sifting through the jewel case liner admiring the art and reading the lyrics of the songs. The art was a treatment that highlighting protests all around the world and throughout time.

Society builds structures like government and religion to help understand and keep peace but what happens when these structures turn on society and only keep peace and understanding for certain segments. Bad stuff happens protests and revolutions happen and hopefully understanding.

I think that we are at a moment in society when main stream western religion and government can either change and become tolerant and respectful or there may be revolution.

When and if there is revolution I want to take all the footage of the protests and mix them with some Rage music




We have our rules

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Confession time.. I have not read “Cider House Rules”, I did watch the movie and I absolutely loved it. The movie made me wish I had read the book but I still haven’t maybe I will when I finish reading the book I am a quarter of the way through now. It remains to be seen.

The movie “Cider House Rules” is a heart warming tale centering on an orphan raised by the doctor who ran the orphanage. The orphan grows and learns how to be a doctor. He finally grows old enough to leave on his own and woks at someones apple orchard. Did I mention spoiler alert? Well I will try to keep from spoiling the movie. I only want to mention how the movie got it’s name. He lived with the Apple pickers on the orchard in the cider house and the cider house had the rules posted on the door to the house.

The orphan is told to tear down the rules because they were made and set by men and women who didn’t work or live in the cider house. The house which is the men and women in it had their own rules.

The idea that doctrine being created and defined by those living in the situations for the doctrine is not a new one. The idea for a representative government hinges on this idea. A man or woman of the people decide what is best for the people.  Am I suggesting that we throw doctrine to the wind and create our own versions of right or wrong? No, but let me say this, other than the sanctity of life many of the ideas that we have about right and wrong have been constructed through our individual shared and learned experiences, and it is this attitude that should keep us from passing judgement on others so quickly.


A family does not have to be a Mother Father and 2 1/2 children to be a proper family. A family must exhibit and show love, that is what makes it proper.  The list of doctrine that has been passed down as absolute right is long and maybe a big part of what causes intolerance.

Let me be clear, there is nothing wrong with a personal code of ethics or morals. This is something to admire, but it is wrong to force personal morals and ethics on others and foolish to assume that everyone has the same set of morals ethics or even doctrine. Of course in all of this we can never forget the sanctity of human life, this is something which is and should be universal.




I was raised watching GI Joe and Transformers. The GI Joe cartoon had a special unit of the United States military called GI Joe. The special unit would fight Cobra Command. Cobra Command was a top secret highly organized terrorist  organization.


In the Transformers cartoon there was a group of aliens called transformers, they would fight another group of aliens called Decepticons. The Decepticons were bent on enslaving the human race and taking control of the earth.

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So growing up on this diet of polarizing cartoons I was certain that there were good and bad guys. There were cowboys and indians. Everyone could be judged and summed up. As I have grown, what I have learned is that there is really no such thing as a good guy or a bad guy. I know at first it sounds harsh. No such thing as good or bad? No not that no such thing as a good or bad guy just men and women who do good and bad things.

Part of growing up is establishing ones moral principles. We do this based on many facets of our lives. What makes something right or wrong varies from person to person. Some hold fast to the dogma of their religious faith, others adhere to social norms and practices. Each person finds their own set of principles which help them determine what is right or wrong. Then that person tries to live the best they can.

So having typed that it may seem that, I am for Nietzzsche and the whole “no such thing as good or bad philosophy”, this is not my philosophy at all. I really feel that there is good and bad. I like to try for myself to keep things simple and simply put good is something which helps you and others and bad is something which would hurt you and others.

There are no good or bad men but there are good and bad actions done by men and women. I am also convinced that many men and women commit bad acts when they are not aware of the consequences of their actions. So at first the absence of good or bad men may seem a little depressing it should be freeing. If there are no good or bad men then with a proper education everyone can learn how to help. So there is hope, but only with education and wisdom.




The debate rages over privacy in the United States. Is it ok for our government to take all our phone records e-mails all our “private” posts on blogs (like this one) and then use them later in a database? Most people say no it is not ok. I am one of those people.

Their was a radio show that was covering the subject and the debate. Someone called in and said the words which made this posts title. Total freedom, is a concept that I am intrigued by.

What does it mean and is it attainable? Do you want it?

so freedom is

  1. The power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.
  2. Absence of subjection to foreign domination or despotic government.

Hmm seems simple the right to do as we please. This concept of total freedom is great.

I want freedom. I want to be able to eat healthy or unhealthy food when and where I want to. I want to dress the way I see fit. I want to send e-mails, make posts and do online business without the prying eyes of big brother. Why? hmm Why do I want total freedom? I guess for the same reason the prisoner escapes when he has the chance. I think I want total freedom because I have hope and faith. Faith in mankind and myself.

But what happens when we engage in actions that harm others. Hmm we have to have freedom with respect to others. This is hope and faith. I have faith that through education and compassion and at times disciplinary action, man can have total freedom.

So is there such a thing as total freedom? Absolutely yes. Do I want it? No doubt I do, but (and there is always a but) this freedom for our world to survive has to be exercised with respect to life.



A reminder

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The other morning a friend of mine sent me an e-mail as a reminder for life. The e-mail had a link to an unforgiving magazine article.  The article is titled 6 harsh truths that will make you a better person. The number six truth made me smile.

The world only cares about what it can get from you. The article explains that if you approach a man suffering from a gunshot wound, and offer to help but cannot it will not matter. The man suffering from the wound does not need a good guy he needs a guy who can stop the bleeding. I love this truth because it points out that society needs help and if you cannot and are not helping than no one cares.

Perhaps it is unfair to bring compassion into this? People may care but it doesn’t matter. I used to have a school teacher that told me “being with someone in spirit is the same as not being there at all.” If you are not working and helping you are simply not working and or helping.

It is important to care about and have compassion, but if this compassion does not push someone to do something that helps others than compassion is serving no good purpose.  Sometimes it can be easy to feel and do nothing. Doing nothing will result in nothing. We have to do something, if we do not do anything we will get nothing done.

Sometimes we feel that we should be rewarded for our abilities as opposed to our production. (I have a college degree I should make double my salary, no one seems to care that the product you produce is inferior??)

What are we doing?







The wrong crowd

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There is an excerpt in “My Booky Wook 2”, where it’s author Russel Brand, speaks about going n stage when the venue is not his. It seems he was at a rock concert and the act that was the main event was late. Really late, at the urging of some of his friends Russell stepped on stage and was not meet with a welcoming attitude.

Russell learned that night that you never get on stage if you are not on the venue. Just the other day I was in a meeting. The manager of the meeting did something that, after being involved in enough meeting I would never suggest doing, but she opened it up for “comments and questions”. The blood bath began! The profitable company I worked for suddenly became a “dismal pit of despair in which no one was promoted paid or appreciated”. Foolish and naive I mentioned that perhaps the concerns of the group were not really company concerns but more like big picture concerns for the individual or the type of work that we did. I felt like something should be said. We work in IT for the company, we are among the higher paid tier our hours are very flexible and the work is not physically straining at all yet this meeting was full of complaints.

Well I was not welcomed by my peers. Russell Brand was right if this is not your gig do not get on stage. You will usually not be welcome. People, despite what they say, usually do not want advice from anyone, particularly when they are complaining.  What most people want is affirmation and resolution when they are complaining. Resolution can usually only come from a venues leader.