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I can’t remember how old I was when I got it for Christmas but it was a Packard Bell PC.The machine ran DOS and Windows. The Windows program it ran was not an operating system is was just a desktop file system. It was a while ago, but I can still remember how I felt when I got the present (did I mention geek alert?). I thought it was so cool! I would press a button and the machine would make sounds. Images would display on the monitor. I went to the mall and bought some software from a store called Babbages. I installed the software and quickly ran out of space on the PC.

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After running out of space I started to delete software from the PC. I would delete one piece of software, reboot see what happened. I learned how to create batch scripts, I learned about operating systems. Sometimes the machine would not run for weeks. Once I broke the machine and my dad had to get a boot disk from someone at work. I even opened the machine up to upgrade the memory.

I learned so much about the machine and the code that made it work by taking apart the code and the machine itself.

Have you ever taken apart a watch? Amazing devices full of gears and springs and metal. Seem impossible to put back together, but nothing is impossible nothing. No I have not put one back together yet.

I have taken apart a lot of things, but when I was in middle school my moms mom bought me a set of illustrated encyclopedias. The books were amazing and had cut away diagrams of everything. A gun firing a bullet, a pc, an ATM machine, a combustible engine. There they were in color page after page. I like to believe these books spared many of the machines in my parents homes from having their warranties voided. Later in life I learned about the Chiltons Automotive manuals and read as many as I could. Every make year and model of car was in those books. You could see wiring schematics and diagrams of all the cars systems they are really amazing books.

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I don’t change my own oil today, but I have and know how. I haven’t built a car but I know how one is built and I have watched the assembly line move on YouTube. Everything I like or love I have tried to “take apart” and understand. I believe this understanding helps me cultivate a better relationship with the things and the people I love.

While I cannot take apart people I love and see how they tick. I can listen and watch and learn about them and what they like and I may never figure out what it is that makes them them I really enjoy this “taking apart”. If I could give any advice to any one today it would be this posts title.

If you love it take it apart