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Everyone Leaves

Posted: August 9, 2016 in Uncategorized
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Board rooms, offices, conference rooms, living rooms, Kitchens; the latter are all examples of both public and personal spaces. Public when they are occupied by more than one person. Personal in that almost all the rooms require a invite rather it be formal or in formal. We get together in these rooms and do  all kinds of things. I considered typing all the things that are done in this rooms but I considered the spaces ubiquitous nature and decided that everyone knows what goes on in these rooms and to type it would prevent me from conveying my point in a succinct manner.

Everyone enters and leaves the spaces. Everyone brings with them joy to these spaces as well. Some bring joy when entering the room and others when they leave it. I am going to try hard to day to bring joy into every space I occupy for however long I occupy that space to all occupants even if the only occupant is myself. What are you going to try to do?





We will never run out if….

Posted: October 6, 2014 in Uncategorized
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This morning I caught a glimpse of a story featuring Elon Musk.  For anyone who doesn’t know Elon Musk is CEO and founder of the company Tesla, Tesla builds electric cars, high end very fast electric cars and he is also CEO of SpaceX, SpaceX builds rockets that launch things into outer space. Pretty cool credentials right. So what was the article about? Oh I am so glad you asked.

Elon Musk, believes that man must colonize Mars if our species wants to avoid extinction. Elon Musk also believes that, the reason most of space seems dead is because many civilizations succumbed to being a one planet species.

That is kind of hard to wrap your mind around isn’t it. The destruction of earth. That is the first unimaginable.  Something that happens every day and every night may not continue to happen. Sun set and sun rise. There will come a day when earth will no longer be here and even sooner than that there will come a day when the environment on earth will no longer support human life. Depending on trends in numbers like pollution and population growth this day may come sooner than later.

Will man be ready to take flight? Further than Mars further than Pluto. Into the darkness? Light years away. Into the unknown the void. Where gods battle. Into space…

Ha but seriously we can be tempted to scoff off talk of interstellar travel but doing the math one cannot help but see the need for becoming more than simply a one planet civilization. Either that or a civilization that does not grow that becomes stagnant and can be compared to a hamster spinning on a wheel and going nowhere.

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It can be tempting to put yourself in a holding pattern. Not learn new things, keep from applying for other jobs seeking a promotion, reaching beyond where you are and what you can see. Towards the unknown. You may feel like reaching out pushing yourself harder and breaking through barriers will put you in a postion of less resources but I can guarantee you one thing. In the vastness of life you will never run out. You will have to be flexible but you can never learn all there is to know or travel everywhere there is to travel. The older religious folks when speaking to the laurels of charity used to say “you can never out give God” and they were right.

Don’t allow barriers to stop you from being the best you that you can be. You can be so much more than you are right now and right now you are pretty great. I want to encourage all of us tonight to go out side look into space and dream and work and live as big as we can!




What makes something perfect? Hard to answer isn’t it? I was reading about one of the deepest studies of the universe. There was an image generated of the universe and something startling was discovered. The universe is lopsided. Yeah crazy huh?

It is often that we look for perfection. I find myself looking for perfection many times a day, week month year but I am beginning to realize that perfect doesn’t exist. Even the universe is lopsided.  Once you stop seeking perfection life slows down and for me became more enjoyable. Instead of trying and failing for perfection I reach what I like to call pragmatic perfection. “That will do for government work.” Words my dad would utter as a joke but that will do is a classic example of pragmatic perfection. The universe may be lopsided but the sun rose yesterday and today and I guarantee it will be here tomorrow.


When you get discouraged about not reaching perfection take heart. No one is perfect even the universe is lopsided.