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I have been told and taught that bumble bees cannot fly according to the rules of aerodynamics. This is obviously not true. The obvious part comes from seeing the bees in the backyard at the playground or any garden, they fly from flower to flower doing their thing.

The mistake that caused this idea to be taught and perpetuated came from the lack of powerful computers. Aerodynamic models where and are built and tested using  models in 2 -d. 3 D modeling is just now being adapted developed and used and in 3 d modeling we can see that a bee dragon-fly and many other insects fly using turbulence to generate lift. This way of flying is unlike the birds, airplanes and pretty much anything else in the sky.

I have never been a tall guy. I would say that I am of average height now, but in middle and high school I was very short and small. I was often told by many what I would not be able to do. This could have been discouraging but it seems most were wrong.

Between 1985 – 1995 I was attending school and Spud Webb was playing basketball in the NBA. Spud Webb was an all – star, and slam dunk championship winner and he was one of the shortest players in the NBA.  I am sure he was told by many that the NBA was a pipe dream or maybe he wasn’t. The bottom line is Spud Webb didn’t let others decide his fate for him and no one should.

You can do anything if you put your mind to it.