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Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do. – John Wooden

Seriously you can!

Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.


John Wooden, the wizard of West wood, has ten NCAA national championships under his reign as coach, as a player he made player of the year, all team. He has had an illustrious carreer and accomplished much. His influence in basketball is still felt!

Archimedes, the greatest mathematician ever,  introduced the world to concepts still used today in almost every machine in existence!  Archimedes made an impact on the world during his time and even now.

These two men from two disciplines did great things and I can’t help but think a big part of why they could accomplish so much was their outlook on life and their own abilities. I am quite sure the two of them had their fans and detractors but the secret to that is this… It doesn’t matter what anyone believes about you, it only matters what you believe about you. If you think you can you are right and if you think you can well you’re right as well.

No matter what it is you are doing. No matter what I think you can. I don’t even know you but, I have seen what man and women have done throughout history and I am compelled to believe that no matter what happens man or woman will overcome.  You may feel discouraged but remember you are a person just like John Wooden or Archimedes. You can do whatever it is that you are confronted with. You can do anything you simply need to believe and put in the hard work.
Hard work and believe in oneself those, are the key elements to modern day alchemy. Keep your chin up press on you can do it! 

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Hmm winning that is important right? If winning didn’t matter we wouldn’t keep score. So winning is fun and success has it’s rewards and we all want it. We all despite what we say want to win. We compete always. Sometimes we have competitions with friends sometimes foes and even at times against ourselves and we all want to win. unfortunately we all cannot win all the time. So we are told by coaches and parents and leaders. We can’t win all the time, but it can seem like some people experience more wins than loses. Why do some people get more wins than loses? Is there some formula for winning, a magic elixir? Yes there is! I will tell you the four secrets to winning.


1. Be smart.

There are hundreds of sciences, so one has to ask be smart in what science? The answer is as many sciences as you can. We should never quit learning. We should learn as much as we can about as many subjects or sciences as we can. I posted, sometime back an article, that to a certain extent, spoke about the danger of not being a master of many sciences. Knowledge in multiple sciences is more than just something good to have it is often a necessity. So learn as much as you can and apply what you have learned this makes you smart and being smart is step one for success.

2. Work well with your teammates

I am only 34 years old and I have already had the pleasure and pain of working with people from all over the world on various projects. People are diverse and different and that is great. I have always and will continue to believe that different is good, but different can cause some stumbling blocks. Here is the thing about these stumbling blocks people will not change for you and if they did would you want them to? You will have to learn to utilize your groups individual strengths and compliment each other to make up for the weakness. This is a rule for success plan and simple. Successful people take people and situations personally, because we are all people. They know what everyone is best at and they work so that everyone can shine. Learn to respect and work well with others this is step two of the rules for success.

3.Winners work hard

Hugh Hefner the founder and chief creative officer for Playboy Enterprises, is known for wearing silk pajamas at all times. When he was asked in an interview why he wore the pajamas he told the man asking him the question that it was initially a mistake. He had stayed up all night getting his magazine ready for print and there was a board meeting scheduled with less than half an hour to attend, he had no time to change. He had worked so hard he lost track of time. When was the last time you worked so hard at something that you stayed up all night? If you want to win you have to work hard at it. The best lesson my mom ever taught me was when she bought me a soccer ball. I was 14 years old and complaining about the lack of playing time I was getting on the team. Mom bought me a soccer ball and told me that every time I felt like complaining to her I should instead practice. She was right before the end of the season I was a starter. Wimmers work hard

4. Finally winners get lucky (never give up)

So you have learned and applied as much as you can and you are still learning, you are a joy to be around everyone feels better after they meet you and you are working 24 7 and you still lost!! What is the deal, well see winners also need to get lucky. There is a secret to luck too. The secret to luck is that it doesn’t exist. No such thing as luck or fate only probability.   I am not sure how you feel about probability, but I am a fan of the frequency approach. probability is relative to the frequency to which an event occurs. Simply stated the more times you try the more often you will get “lucky”. I took these four secrets from another post dealing with intelligence.  Great article when you get the chance you should check it out. I agree with all four statements almost, see instead of winners get lucky I believe we should say winners never give up!!

So let us review:

Everyone really can be a winner you need only

1. be smart

2. work well with everyone you meet

3. work really really hard

4. finally make your own luck by never giving up

So get out there and start winning!!!



Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!
Audrey Hepburn
Last weekend Felix Baumgartner fell from a height of 24 miles and landed safely on earth. Eight million people watched the Red Bull Stratus jump live on You Tube. The nine minute sky dive broke many records including the speed of sound in only a space suit as well as most concurrent viewers in a webcast. With hard work and science I am convinced that the limits of man and woman are endless!
Sometimes we can feel as though everything is impossible and we will never accomplish our goals, short and long-term, it is then that I like to recall my own and other people like Felix and Red Bulls victories. Another very important thing to remember is