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Ok confession time. Are you ready? I stole this post’s title. Unfortunately it gets worse… I stole the title from a preacher. O that’s not the least of it. I didn’t even attend the service.

I was given a play-by-play of the service from a matriarch of the church who was no doubt trying to convey the preachers message in an attempt to spare me from eternal damnation, which is definitely a good thing. The message was one dealing with the fragile nature of men and women on the earth and the preacher mentioned to the church mom who was now mentioning to me that out lives are very short. He compared them to the blip on the headstone at most cemeteries throughout the country. We have our name two dates and a blip or line or dash between the dates and the sermon went on to explain how we are reduced to that little blip.

First apologies for being so deep on a Monday morning and second Really?? Is that all we are a little blip on a tombstone. I mean it really doesn’t matter I won’t be here but wow!! I would like to be a star or an asterisk with a mention under the date saying John lived and everyone he meet while alive was better for it because he was awesome.

I can count on my hand the people I know who have passed away (I think that is one of the benefits of youth), and I have been lucky enough to have been better for knowing them.  When I think of death I think of funerals and when I think of funerals I think of Dr. Seuss.

Crazy right? Let me explain,  Theodor Seuss Geisel or Dr. Seuss or perhaps you know him by his less know moniker Theo lesieg, who besides being a fan of pen names and palindromes was an insanely popular children’s author. His books have been and are still read by children all over the world.  So why in the world would I imagine Dr. Seuss when I think of funerals. While the reason is when Dr. Seuss died in 1991 the news showed a parade and celebration of life that his wife put on at his request and I thought “That’s something specail there she most have really dug him.” Now since I started dark I guess I should end dark… sorry in advance for this

but if we where to “check out now” would the parade be for us because we died or because we lived and everyone we meet along the way is better for it?



ps I am going to try not to get so deep anymore this week… I mean my head is all hurting and stuff