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How Arcs work 

Posted: January 16, 2017 in Uncategorized
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Today the United States should and will join together to celebrate the life and work of Martin Luther King Jr. In the United States toady is Martin Luther King Jr. day.
Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. was  a Baptist preacher and civil rights activist who, promoted non violent civil disobedience as a Christian response to the racial atrocities that were legal and happening to African Americans throughout the United States in the 1950’s and 60’s. Sadly Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated before he could see his work brought to legal fruition with The Civil Rights Act signed into law in 1964. The Civil Rights Law, made it illegal to participate in based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.  This law seems like something that should not be needed but, I would be err if I did not remind you of the racist, misogynist and exclusive nature of the United States, the law was needed then and now as well.

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The Civil Rights fight was a long and laborious one that still rages on in the United States today. Doctor King was an excellent speaker (he preached for a living) and he was asked to speak all over the nation and explain the plight of the African American, what was happening to change the plight and how the average American could help. One sermon that the dr. preached at was in Los Angeles at The Temple Israel of Hollywood. The sermon preached by King was exemplary. This link will give you a transcript of the speech. That link, is worth your time and I encourage you to read or listen to it. In the speech, King compared the African Americans struggles to those of the children of Israel at the hands of the Egyptians. He made mention of moving forward to the promised land and of a moral arc in the universe.

And I believe it because somehow the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice.” MLK jr.

This quote inspired, Michael Shermer to create a book titled, The Moral Arc. In Shermers book he discusses how, How Science and Reason Lead Humanity toward Truth, Justice, and Freedom, until the most recent United States presidential election most would have agreed with Shermers  book but, after the election of the most recent candidate many would and do argue that Truth, Justice and Freedom are not going to be rewarded to all races, religions, and sexes. I would ask that my fellow citizens remember entire description that King had for the Arc.

 arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice.” MLK jr

It is long and we are merely a part of it. If we do our part as individuals and communities I believe as King believed that there will be progress no matter who is president. No matter what his stance is on race religion and sex there will be Truth, Justice and Freedom for all  I believe this because I believe in God and humanity. What do you believe in?

For some reason in the United States we took a step backwards but this is only one step. When King marched on Washington DC and made another speech; his “Dream Speech”, he marched with millions of men and women. The steps made in that march numbered in the millions and those steps were towards, Truth, Freedom and Justice and those steps out numbered and overcame the backwards steps. Let us remember the legacy of Dr. King today, the resolution of Dr. King today and most of all the hope and belief that King had in God and humanity despite the terrible actions of humanity.

peace and Happy MLK Jr. day




Why do they need that? 

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I attend a small Baptist church in a small southern town. A big part of every Sunday service would be the Prayer request and Praise. So, the prayer request and praise portion of the Sunday morning service goes like this; an elder stands at the lectern with  list in hand. Members of the congregation raise hands and let the elder know about their needs and whether or not needs were answered. The elder updates the list then prays to God thanking God for meet needs and asking for intercession of un answered needs.

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Pray is a process that has become mystical and almost a fetish in most religions but if you ask any clergy in North America prayer is ancillary to the religious process and works on many levels one being psychological. Todays post is not to endorse prayer but I do endorse prayer and encourage you to engage in prayer and mindful meditation on a regular basis. Life is way to fast and distraction filled to not engage in this on a regular basis and expect to stay sane.

As part of the praise and prayer request part of service, the elder lead us into prayer and began said prayer with these words; “let us make others concerns our own.” I immediately felt like these words had some gravitas to them and I remembered the words of Lau Tzu

“From caring comes courage.” — Lao Tzu

Courage is so important. It is through courage that, rescues happen, revolutions succeed and progress moves forward. Without concern for, oneself and others I really do not see how courage can be cultivated so it is my prayer and hope that we all become concerned with the well being and happiness of ourselves and each other. This concern will cultivate courage and in turn action. This action will mend fences and heal the nation.

Lofty goals for a Monday right? Lofty goals, yes but, this has happened before and can happen again. Let’s make 2017 the year t the age of, unity, courage and action. It all starts by caring for yourself and your neighbor.




Earlier this morning I was reading an article that came on the AP wire.  I pasted a link to the article and it is a very interesting one. The article deals with global warming or climate change and more importantly the way that global warming has become a political polarized issue in the United States.
Everytime I hear someone say something like “global warming is a myth” or “global warming is not man made” I kind of get upset and disappointed. There is tremendous evidence and I will not post it all here just not enough space or time to do this but there is evidence that debunks both of those claims. The rate of global warming we are experiencing is significant and it is man made that is the truth now why do people not accept the truth and works towards solutions harmoniously?  I think this not accepting and working together stems from the anger and disappoint I experience. People who are told that the earths’ climate  is changing significantly are taken back and disappointed. One thing that seems to be static throughout the history of forever is the state of the earths climate. I mean no matter what happens today the sun will set and rise again tomorrow right? Now with climate change people are being told that the way the earth uses the sun is changing and it is due in a large part to the way humans pollute. It probably cause anger fear disappointment and denial all at once.
The AP article that is posted in this blog is a really good one I encourage you to read it. The article does a deep dive into, the United States embracing science and technology and now basically turning its back on science and technology.
People are emotional creatures and this is a very good thing I hope we never lose our emotions however people also need to continue to learn. I would like to encourage all of us to learn as much as we can from each other and help each other as much as we can. It is learning and helping that will get us through the global warming we are experiencing as well as the emotions with the culture shock of discovering how this global warming was created. I would like to end with a quote from the Posted AP article “”True unity is not a unity in conformity, but a unity in diversity,” he says. “We look at differences as an opportunity to learn, not to divide.””
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DIVIDED AMERICA: Global warming polarizes more than abortion

WASHINGTON (AP) — Tempers are rising in America, along with the temperatures.Two decades ago, the issue of climate change wasn’t as …